The photo book ‘Une Arrita’ – I arrived studies the notion of identity from the point of view of someone who has lived outside of it, and acted as a bridge between two places and two cultures. And how this, can often lead to a sense of confrontation. Confrontation with being neither insider nor outsider.

Edition of 10 | 210x270 mm | 110 page

The catalog ‘A Gesture’ showcases the work of 180 graduates from the University of the Arts Utrecht that have each made a gesture in their own way. Their gestures are explored through themes of Approach, Arouse, Merge, Question and Revive. These themes allow for a categorisation based on stories, rather than studies.

The book contains a total of 310 pages and is printed using offset technique. It's wrapped in a screen-printed sleeve complimented by a green elastic-band that holds everything in place.

In collaboration with:
Juul van der Zandt & Valentino Angela