Arta Samakova’s interest lies in capturing first moments whose practice blends documentary, photography, and video. Merged with her keen sense of curiosity she creates works that showcase the dialogue in ordinary life in which identity, behavior, and memories are important themes.

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2018–2022 Graphic Design, University of the Arts Utrecht, NL
2014–2017 Media Design, Technovium Nijmegen, NL

2020 ABRI magazine – Academie Gallerie AG, NL
2019 Collaborative publication, presented as a gift to
the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL
2018 Graphic Performance – Oudenoord HKU, NL

2020 Lost&Found – Online exhibition situated in
Google Maps, Hembrugterrein, NL
2020 ABRI – Academiegallerie, NL
2019 EKSPO HKU Oudenoord, NL
2019 Multiplicity – LE:EN Utrecht, NL